5 Bad Kitchen Habits Common Among Nigerians

Nigerians have some funny kitchen habits!

We all have bad kitchen habits. Yes, me included . The earlier we correct them, the better for us. Not only do bad kitchen habits make us look clumsy, it could spell danger for us. we’ll take a look at some of them in this post.

Here 5 bad kitchen habits common among Nigerians

#1. Leaving the insides of your pot messy.

messed up soup pot.

This is not a very good habit to have. It spells clumsiness at it’s highest. This is one bad habit a lot of ladies are guilty of. Please wipe the insides of your pot after cooking with a special cloth/sponge for wiping or use a damp kitchen towel/ kitchen tissue paper.


#2. Washing food items directly in the sink.

washing meat in the sink

This is one of the fastest ways to contaminate your food. Sinks are breeding areas for bacteria, hence you need to wash them regularly with bleach. Place your food in a bowl to wash. Please avoid washing directly in the sink or you may be paying a visit to your doctor sooner than expected.


#3. Licking your cooking spoon.

licking the cooking spoon

This is a No No! You may end up spreading diseases through your saliva making contact with the spoon and touching other food within the kitchen. If you have this habit, please desist from continuing it. You may put the lives of family members and friends in jeopardy if you have a contagious disease.


#4. Leaving the insides/sides of your plate messy.

messed up soup plate

When plating, make sure you wipe the insides/sides of your plate. It is an eyesore when you serve a guest a meal with soup trails on the plate and stains. Not only is it clumsy, it says you haven’t got finesse.


#5. Leaving your cooking spoon in the pot.

spoon in pot

This is another habit a lot of people have. Please remove your cooking spoons and ladles from the cooking pot after plating. It could make your food easily go bad and it shows carelessness.

I hope you have learnt one or two things from the list above. There are more bad habits than the ones mentioned on this list. Good luck in your inculcating better habits and Have a lovely weekend!

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