5 celebrity diets too crazy to believe

We all know that celebrities will do pretty much anything in order to stay in shape and keep their looks. Some of them will dedicate their selves to strict diet or harsh training, but some of them can turn to extremes, that can be unorthodox, dangerous and sometimes ridiculous. Below are 5 examples of celebrity diets you will find hard to believe:

1. Drunk diet – this diet was introduced by the singer Lady Gaga and her ex Luc Carl, who even published a book on this subject. What’s the diet? Vast amount of whiskey every day, followed by hard exercise, even when you have hangover. That’s it. They swear that it works. Our advice: do not try it.

2. Baby food diet – there were rumors that Hollywood stars like Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow and Reese Witherspoon have been obsessed by this diet. The dieters only eat carrots, purred peas, roasted apples and other baby-friendly food. Although these foods have mostly healthy ingredients, they don’t provide the sufficient nutritional value for a full grown adult.

3. Air diet – we are not kidding. We assume you know the ingredients in this diet. It’s based on the concept of Breatharianism – the belief that human beings can survive on sunlight alone. Madonna is one of the celebrities that is allegedly on this diet.

4. Fruitarian diet – Ashton Kutcher practiced this diet in order to get into character for his role of Steve Jobs movie biopic. The Apple founder was strong advocate for this diet which states that at least 75% of an individual daily intake should be raw fruit. How did the diet work out for Kutcher? After one month he ended up in the Emergency Room with an inflamed pancreas.

5. Victoria’s Secret diet – Adriana Lima practices this diet, hence the name. In the 9 days leading up to the show, this famous Brazilian supermodel restricts herself to solely protein shake, which consists of powdered eggs. Also, she abstains from any solids throughout this period.

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