5 Creepy Insects Nigerians Consider Yummy

Call it Yuck! Some Nigerian’s consider these Creepy insects as delicacies.

We often hear people eating all kinds of weird food which many consider as disgusting…Well, if it doesn’t kill then why not! It might shock you to know that some Nigerians eat creepy insects, I have tried one of them before.. haha. Many years ago a tried the ‘winged termite’- it doesn’t taste bad though. All things God created are good, so don’t blame us for exploring. Nonetheless, there are some on this list that I myself will not even dare to try, except am been paid to do so lol..

Which of these have you eaten? Or which would you dare yourself to try?

Here 5 creepy insects Nigerians eat;

#1. Locust


Photo: Nairaland


#2. Crickets


Photo: by Lifestyle NG


#3. Palm Weevil Larva

Palm Weevil Larva

Photo: by Sisiyemmie


#4. Winged Termites


Photo: Dobby’s Signature


#5. Shea Butter Catterpiller

shea butter worm

Photo: World Bank


Which of these Creepy Insects have you tried?

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