5 Interesting Things That Happened to People After Taking a DNA Test

Everyone knows that our DNA contains limitless information. By decoding the raw data your DNA, you can learn about your ancestry, and by learning about your family’s health history you can also adopt new lifestyle changes that can contribute to your longevity. Besides, today we have some of the best DNA testing kits that allow you to conduct DNA tests in the comfort of your home.

If you are on the fence about taking a DNA test yourself, then you may find it interesting to read about these 10 interesting things that happened to people who took one:

  1. Two Adopted Sisters Finding Each Other After 40 Years

Janine Dzyubanny and Jen Frantz were two adopted sisters from South Korea. They lived in the same city for 40 years and didn’t know about each other’s existence all this while. Both had faint memories of their childhood but to get concrete answers, Janine chose to use a DNA test service which is when she learned about her sister.  She contacted her immediately, and today both are spending as much quality time with each other to make up for the time they have lost.

  1. Oprah Winfrey Learning About her Roots

There are two main reasons why people use DNA test kits- to check if they are at risk of inheriting scary diseases and to learn about their ancestry. Oprah Winfrey, who is easily one of the most popular celebrities in the world took a DNA test for the latter.

As part of the PBS documentary series African American Lives, Winfrey took a DNA test and traced her ancestors back to the Kpelle people who lived in West African Highlands which today forms Guinea and Liberia. Interestingly, she also found that she has 3% East Asian DNA and 8% Native American DNA as well.

  1. Johnson Gets a Shock of Ethnicity

Sigrid E. Johnson grew up in a black neighborhood and had mixed-race parents who themselves also identified as black. So, she went to a black college and formed an identity that was largely influenced by black culture. However, when she turned 16, she came to know that she was adopted. She took a DNA test later and realized that she was only 3% African and mainly a Middle Eastern, Hispanic, and European.

  1. DNA Test for a Cheating Partner?

Some people will go to great lengths to confirm if their partner is in fact cheating on them; the case of Christopher is certainly a quintessential example. A father of a 15-year-old daughter, he became suspicious of his wife’s fidelity. So, he ran a DNA test on himself and another one on his daughter, which confirmed that she wasn’t really his biological daughter. He filed for divorce soon afterward.

  1. A Reality Check for Larry David

Larry David, who people know as an outstanding comedian and the co-creator of iconic series Seinfeld, took a DNA tested for the TV show called Lopez Tonight. However, he discovered that he wasn’t really 100% descended from European Jewish ancestors as he thought he was. He is 37% Native American!

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