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5 Most Amazing States To Enjoy Fall Foliage

Fall foliage in the United States is a pretty spectacular natural sight to see. So, we decided to create a list of the 5 Most Amazing States To Enjoy Fall Foliage.

Fall foliage comes along in a time where the weather begins to turn from hot and sunny to much cooler and duller weather. The foliage itself represents that change and can also be quite symbolic for some people.

5. New York

Upstate New York has plenty of hotspots for fall foliage that will really surprise you. It’s especially surprising to see how foliage in Upstate varies from the trees shifting color in parks and city areas.


California is normally warm all year round in the majority of areas. However, some areas do go through a shift and fall foliage can be seen on those winding roads and less populated areas.

3. New Hampshire

Like our reference of Maine and Massachusetts above, there isn’t one state in New England that doesn’t have incredible fall foliage views.

2. Vermont

Vermont is quite possibly one of the most popular states within the New England region for fall foliage and from the mid-September to the end of fall, it’s a highly visited destination.

1. Connecticut

While it’s a little more Southern than the rest of the New England states, Connecticut still manages to encapsulate the details and plain beauty of fall foliage.

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