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05 Most Common Reasons Why a Person Abuses Drugs

1. Alcohol is not enough

To some people, alcohol has no more effect. Drinking with friends in a bar or having a small beer after a tiring day seems to be the usual case and lose its impact on the body in the long run. Other people end up “chasing the excitement” that they felt before when they were drinking the alcohol for the first time. This will encourage them to drink more, having difficulty to leave their best friend-alcohol.

There are lots of reasons why a certain individual uses drugs. Knowing the danger of using alcohol and some drugs is a 50-50 fight. We need to understand these issues so that we can make better decisions for our future.

2. Mental Health Disease

Anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and depression are the common mental health disorders that have a higher chance of acquiring an addiction. Using drugs to deal that hard feelings might help to make it easy for them even though this may result to some negative effects to their body. Non- narcotic treatment are regularly available for some mental health diseases. It is better to request from a doctor for some alternative treatments than indulging yourself to these addicting medications.

3. Mental Health Disease

Peer pressure commonly happens to young adults or adolescents. The influence from the members of the group and the need to fit themselves in the group, even requiring them to do or participate in some harmful activities – one of these is using drugs. Being with the group who are using drugs can push an individual to join the tribe and do the unacceptable acts just to show loyalty.

4. To make you feel better

We found a quote in a famous book of Alcoholic Big Book Anonymous stating that women & men drink every day because they want or like the impact of alcohol. Obviously right, lots of people like it so much and cannot stop taking it. It is difficult to think or see the harmful results in something that gives you a feeling of happiness.

5. Loneliness

Addiction to drugs or alcohol might begin when a certain individual feels alone or lonely. They tend to use drugs in order for them to feel happy and release the feeling of loneliness they keep. People using drugs are the people who lack positive interaction every day with no social support and turn to drugs to make them happy.

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