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5 Most Common Ways to Avoid Car Accidents

1. Avoid tailgating

Tailgating is the main cause of accidents, so distance your self from other cars. Drive ahead of time, so you don’t need to speed up to reach your destination.

2. Observe proper engine maintenance always

Checking your engine always can prevent any possible car accident. Changing the engine oil regularly and making sure tires are properly inflated can help to avoid sudden stops of the vehicle or any engine failure.

3. Always watch out when backing out

Collisions in the parking area are common, so keep your eyes for cars that leave the parking lots. Don’t rely on your mirrors– while steering, look back over right shoulder.

4. Always hold the steering wheel, even with one hand

Lessen your car distractions like using cell phones, changing radio channels, music, eating and most of all keeping your hands out of the wheel. A pothole, blown tires and a strong gust of wind can drive your car into the other lane and can create a severe accident.

5. Be polite to other drivers

No one can say ” I’m the king of the road” or “I own the road” because no one does. Be polite in treating others, treat them with respect. Don’t be afraid to inform the police if there are suspicious and unusual driving activities.

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