5 online shopping malls in Nigeria

There are numerous online shopping malls in Nigeria and many Nigerians have not started patronizing most of them. It’s only a handful of them that few Nigerians patronize because many Nigerians prefer  to patronize their normal offline retail store, but we have to embrace technology and accept what good technology has to offer.
 So in this post, you are going to be looking at 5 notable online shopping malls that operate in Nigeria. They may not necessarily be the best online shopping malls in Nigeria, but they are known to have some good qualities.
 Since we know that online shopping is a form of electronic commerce that allows consumers to directly buy goods or services from a seller over the internet by using a web browser, we just simply have to first check out what makes an online shopping platform to have good qualities and they include safety of transaction, duration of delivery, quality of product to be sold, customer service, ethical practices and also the quality of the online shopping website.
 So here are 5 online shopping malls in Nigeria that you should know about.
 5 Online Shopping Malls In Nigeria
Jumia.com.ng is a popular Nigerian online shopping mall that also  operates outside Nigeria. Jumia.com.ng operates in Egypt, Morocco, Kenya and Cote d’Ivoire.
 You can order for your desired products listed on Jumia’s website and it would be delivered to the location you specified. Jumia’s  product categories includes beverages, children toys, computers, tickets, clothes, home appliances mobile phones, books and many more.
 Jumia was founded in 2012 by Tunde Kehinde and Raphael Afaedo, it has its headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria.
 Since its inception, it has experienced good  patronage from Nigerians. Jumia is making plans to reach more African countries and it only means that it’s trying to mimic Amazon’s way of delivery.
 It has being one of the most successful online shopping platforms in Nigeria.

Konga.com is a Nigerian online shopping mall which was founded in July 2012, they offer products for sale such as phones, computers, clothing, shoes, home appliances, books, healthcare and baby products and a variety of excusive products.
  It has a feature called KongaPay which was launched in 2015. The feature allows customers only within the Konga.com’s platform to pay for products they ordered. This feature reduces the fear of being defrauded online while trying to buy products.
 Konga.com was founded by a Nigerian named Sim Shagaya and the online shopping platform has experienced good patronage from a good number of Nigerians.

Jiji.ng is a Nigerian online classified website, that allows sellers to place their products and if buyers are interested, they contact the sellers either through a call or by sending a message.
  Thousands of items ranging from electronics, vehicles, and even animals are listed on Jiji.ng.
 So you could purchase anything you need from Jiji.ng, it could even be a fairly used product.

OLX also known as OnLine eXchange, is an online shopping platform that has the same features of Jiji.ng, it allows users to sell their properties and interested buyers can contact the seller.
 The domain name extension for OLX in Nigeria is ww.olx.com.ng.
 OLX has thousands of ads listed on its site for goods available in Nigeria for sale, so if you need a fairly used product, you can search for it on OLX and after contacting the seller, both of you would agree on the amount and where to meet, to get what you requested for.

Slot is actually a large chain of retail store in Nigeria that specializes in selling devices and gadgets, so through its website, slot.ng, Nigerians can order for any device of their choice and it would be delivered to you.
 Slot.ng boasts as the number one retailer in Nigeria that sells the cheapest devices and gadgets. So you might buy any affordable mobile phone in Nigeria which includes BlackBerry, Samsung, Tecno, Nokia, HTC, Infinix, Gionee and many others at a cheap price from Slot.ng by placing an order on slot.ng and paying on delivery.

You have known about 5 online shopping malls in Nigeria, but these are not the only shopping platforms in Nigeria as there are many more out there which include Kaymu, Parketonline, Yudala, Abardie, Obeezi, Supermart.ng, Kara.com.ng, Nkataa, Gidimall, Gloo.ng and lot’s more.
 Most of what Nigerians fear most in shopping online in Nigeria is the possibility of their credit card details being compromised, with this mindset many Nigerians would not patronize most of the online stores. But you don’t have to be afraid as you can make use of the online store’s pay on delivery features, where you would only pay for the product you ordered after it has been delivered to  you.
 So it’s possible to buy from any online shopping mall of your choice without fear of being scammed.

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