These 5 Popular beliefs ruin your relationship, avoid them!

You are solely responsible for your happiness!
Love is such an important and common sense in our lives, we all have a definition about it, an opinion about what is love and what makes a relationship work or destroyed.
However, there are phrases or beliefs we hear from small, repeated so we started to assume them as truths about love . But these conceptions can cause the relationship is destroyed . Pay attention!

No. 5 The idea of ​​orange average

Definitely the idea that if we are not a couple, are incomplete is a serious error. When you’re in a relationship you are looking to grow, share and enjoy with the other person but not our partner in charge and responsible for our happiness.
We do not need someone to complete us to be happy. If you have a relationship you should enjoy your single life and married life but do not pretend that it will solve all your problems or ailments.
If you’re single, do not think you need to go out to the better half to be happy, you do not need anyone to do it, you can even be in a relationship and be unhappy.
This popular belief is completely wrong, find a relationship if that person makes you feel better, if you want to grow with the other, but not to feel complete!

# 4 True love remains the same

Think that will continue in the same way as when they were dating is a big mistake. Relationships evolve, face difficult times and happy times and every experience the changes.
Making the decision to live together or get married, naturally implies a change in the relationship and differences even if it’s a positive change! You should not expect that everything remains the same, the relationship should be able to mutate and adapt to changes and new experiences to grow.

No. 3 Meeting the needs

When we seek couples tend to think that we want someone who makes us happy, that cherishes us, who go traveling and enjoy life.While when we are in a relationship, often we tend to say that we would not know to do without it or we could not live without it.
While it is romantic to think that our life is more beautiful with the other person, we can not be held responsible for our feelings and decisions. When that happens we lose power, and is a great pressure to the other ponere responsibility to meet our needs , you can get tired or unwilling to assume this responsibility.

# 2 No need to separate

5 beliefs in relationships to avoid
All who are in a happy relationship agree that spend all the time with friends is something dreamed. But the reality is that we risk losing our individuality, our hobbies, our friends, our life.
To make a relationship work needs space and freedom , you should not drown out the time of your partner. Is that the two can keep their spaces and enjoy life together and apart .

# 1’m yours

While it’s romantic and it can even be sexy think we have control or desire to wake up in the other, it can also generate ideas possessionand limits. This popular belief manages to believe that the crazy jealousy are justified because the other is our “owner”.
Remember, you’re not from anyone but yourself , choose to be next to someone and grow as a couple but has no power over your clothes, your friends or your life project.
Unfortunately they are much more common beliefs of what we think and most of the time that behavior is seen as romantic and not let us see your creative side.
It is good that you can spend time with your loved one, you can count on him when you have bad days and vice versa, but you must remember that the only person in charge of your happiness is yourself. Your well-being does not depend on anyone else, and have always present, will help you live the relationship otherwise, to also enjoy separate spaces and accept the changes and evolution of the couple. Do you agree?
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