5 Reasons Why Every Parent Should Embrace Private Universities

5 Reasons Why Nigerian Private Universities Are Better Than Public Universities

Despite the exorbitant tuition fees paid to study in Nigerian private universities, they still remain the choice of most students. The reason for this is not far-fetched. It may be due to the numerous benefits that can be derived from schooling in these private institutions. The most prominent reason may be due to the strike actions that plague the Nigerian public universities which do not occur in the private institutions. Outlined in this post are reasons why private universities are better than the Nigerian public universities.

1. Adequate funding

Private universities are better funded and this improves the quality of education offered in these institutions. On the other hand, the public universities are poorly funded thereby throwing the institutions into a state of decadence. This is due to the failure of the government to fund the public universities effectively and poor management by administrators.

2. Prestige

Private universities are more prestigious than the public universities. The word private alone creates an impression not only of prestige but also exceptionalism. To be frank and honest, judging from the studying environment in the private universities, students in these institutions are in a better financial situation than those in public universities.

3. Strike action

The numerous strike actions by both the academic and non-academic staff of the public universities are parts of the factors causing decline in Nigeria’s education sector. The lecturers go on strike so often that a four-year course is always studied for five years. This unpleasant situation made parents seek for better option by settling for private institutions.

4. Relationship between lecturers and students

Students in the private universities enjoy the freedom and privilege of building stronger and more personal relationship with their lecturers than those enjoyed by their counterparts in the public universities. There are avenues in private universities that develop the ease of communication and dialogue between lecturers and students. This is not the case in most public universities.

Lecturers in the private universities are always willing to attend to their students unlike those in the public universities. This creates a better learning environment for the students.

5. Conditions of learning

The large population of students compared to the available resources in Nigerian public universities is disturbing. The population of students in the public universities is so large that they spill outside the lecture venue. You also find some students sitting on the floor with some hanging on the window frames and others sitting on tables.

These conditions make learning difficult in the public universities. Some lecturers boycott their classes with no action taken against them. Some show up for their classes are only interested in selling their handouts.

What’s your take on this issue? Do you think private universities are better than the public universities? Let’s have your thoughts in the comment section below.

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