5 Reasons Why Nigerian Public Universities Are Better Than Private Universities

Forget Strike Actions! These 5 Reasons Shows Why Nigerian Public Universities Is Preferable Than The Private Universities

The issue of the better institution between private and public universities is always a bone of contention whenever the issue arises. Many Nigerian students opt for private universities when it comes to choosing an institution. It is true private universities are beneficial in some areas such as absence of strikes, easy access to lecturers amongst others. Yet, public universities have lots of advantages that make them more preferable to private universities. So, here are my reasons why I believe Nigerian public universities are better than private universities.

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1. Freedom and independence

Freedom and independence is one of the reasons why public universities in Nigeria are better than private universities. Students in the public universities can decide for themselves and this makes them to be independent. The freedom those in the public universities have to make decisions on their own prepares them for the future. However, students in the private universities are confined to the four walls of the institution. They are also controlled by laws that are meant for teenagers. The rules in public universities are simply basic principles that an average student is expected to abide with. The rules are not that stringent as those found in private universities.

4. Cost of education

The cost of attending a public university in Nigeria is cheaper than that of private universities. The cost covers the school fees, accommodation and feeding. Students in public universities cook their meals unlike those in the private universities that are compelled by the university to always eat from the school canteen. The cost of living in a private university hostel is also exorbitant.

3. Public university students have more exposure

Public universities enable students to be exposed. Students that attend public universities are sharper and smarter than their colleagues in the private universities. Students in the private institutions live the easy life and are thus not exposed.

You meet with all sorts of people in the public universities- cultists and “aristos” amongst others. This exposes the students to the real world. It also makes them to know what struggling for resources means. This makes them stronger and prepares them for the world outside the University.

4. Life in public universities is fun

Life on and off the public university campus is always fun. You attend lots of parties, clubs and other events. You also have the opportunity of meeting real people, gist and enjoy your time with them. Dating in the public universities is also fun. You get to express yourself without fearing anyone. Rich and poor students mingle together as equals. Students in the public universities also express themselves through their dressings. You get to see the latest styles in vogue, nice combinations and classy swags. This is not the case in private universities where the students are confined to a regulated form of dressing (uniforms).

5. Production of matured graduates

All the challenges experienced in the public universities equip students better for the life they will encounter after graduation. Some of these challenges include strikes, challenges associated with freedom of expression and nonchalant lecturers. These situations have made students of public universities to learn to make decisions on their own.

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