5 Reasons Why Traffic Hawking Is The Hardest Hustle In Nigeria

 Is Traffic Hawking The Hardest Hustle In Nigeria?

Street and traffic hawking is the order of the day in most major cities in Nigeria such as Lagos. It’s however not a child’s play. Traffic hawking is a hard hustle. The hardship emanates from the stress involved in it and the dangers those hawking are exposed to. The major cities of Nigeria are becoming choked up as a result of street hawkers. Traffic hawking is an activity that involves selling of goods along busy roads and street. Hawkers sell any item one can think of.

Below are reasons why Traffic hawking is the hardest hustle in Nigeria:

1. Prostitution and Rape
Those involved in street and traffic hawking are exposed to quite a number of dangers. One of such is prostitution. Some ladies that hawk have been forced into the act. It is a bad way to live when the dangers associated with it are considered. Most of the prostitutes we see today started on a small scale and then grew to become professionals. Some of them got involved in the act at tender ages while they were hawking.

Also, rape is another problem that makes hawking a hard hustle. Many young girls have been abused sexually on many occasions. The men involved in the abuse may initially appear as being nice but end up abusing the girls sexually.

2. Poor Education
Those involved in street hawking do not have the opportunity to enjoy sound education. Where will they have the time to go to school since their entire time is spent on the street? As a result of being deprived sound education, they face challenging situations in their future.

Traffic Hawking
K Cee Hawking in Traffic

3. Gang Stealing
Due to the exposure to all sorts of negative things, those involved in street hawking can form a group and get involved in stealing. They spend most of their time hawking on the streets and in busy traffic, hence they usually lack morals. When hunger strikes, they can move in mass into an area and steal. During this process, some of them might get killed by security officers.

Some of them also turn out to be highway armed robbers and terrorize a whole state. This poses problems to the society, banks, establishments and places where large sums of money is being exchanged.

4. Moral Decline
Street hawking is also a hard hustle because hawkers do not have good moral values. They are used as slaves and as money-making machines for their bosses. Due to the hardship associated with street hawking, some of the hawkers must have been exposed to some bitter experiences which have made them develop bad morals and they also have less value for peoples lives. They find it easy to do crazy things such as,  causing street fights, gang rapping and committing murder.

5. Accidents/ Death
Since they are always on the road, they can get knocked down by vehicles. Many hawkers have been killed through this process.

These should be a wake-up call to our governments (federal, state and local governments). The street hawkers should be engaged in productive activities such as getting them enrolled in vocational training centers or being given soft loans to help them kick-start their own businesses. These will go a long way in reducing the menaces associated with street hawking.

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