5 recommendations that will make your doctor if you have DIABETES

When a person is diagnosed with diabetes, your world changes completely. There are new care and how to eat and live is transformed.
As it is important to follow the advice of the endocrinologist, in the next installment I’ll tell you what will advise you to do if you have diabetes .

# 1 What to eat

No matter whether it is diabetes type I or type II . Usually always they advise eating large amounts of vegetables, lean meats, fresh fruits, whole grains and low fat dairy.

# 2 Pay attention to your glucose values

The doctor will tell the patient how to perform a blood test at home to control the glucose level . This is only a small finger prick. Blood outbreak there should be placed on a test strip indicating values ​​thanks to a meter.
Usually, the numbers are considered normal are between 90 and 130 mg / dl.These values ​​may vary depending on the time of day.

# 3 Exercise

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All specialists who advise them have type II diabetes conducting exercises every day to prevent weight gain and to maintain a good mood that allows them tocope with this disease.

# 4 foot health

The person suffering from diabetes have to watch your feet regularly to control bruising or lacerations . It happens that this disease can hamper nerve function, so the patient does not feel pain and if you have any dangerous wound will not know. Also it causes swelling to the point that it is often difficult to tie his shoes.

# 5 eye health

It is important that the person with diabetes concur ophthalmologist, especially if you notice sudden changes and experience blurred vision or dizziness.
It is known that this type of disease makes people more likely to have eye problems, so a visit to a professional is needed eye care at least once a year.
If you were diagnosed with diabetes do not despair, because thanks to medical advances of today there are very effective treatments that allow you to have it controlled and does not interfere heavily on your quality of life. Recalls that before the doubt should consult with your doctor immediately. Recalls that before the doubt should consult with your doctor immediately.
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