5 Simple And Easy Tips To Make Your Skin Glow

Tips to make your skin glow

Generally, men usually look out for women with beautiful and glowing. Is it? Of course, a glowing skin is the dream of all women all over this world. Each day they will be looking for the product which maintain their beauty as well their glowing skin. Despite knowing the fact that use of chemical product to skin in excessive amount is actually killing the skin, the number of women who patronize chemically enhanced beauty products is increasing daily in Nigeria. Fast result on the skin is arguably the reason why all women are running after these products. People often see beauty as the outer layer of the skin but for doctors proper beauty involves the whole body care. Instead of destroying our skin we can use some cheap home product to glow your skin. Follow the tips; you will get a glowing skin

1. Tomato is the best product that can use to glow your face. Squeeze the juice from one tomato and add one spoon of honey. Apply that mixture for 20 minute on face. Wash it off with cold water. You will get a glowing skin

2. Blend one cucumber and apply that mixture on face, this also will help you to maintain your glowing skin.

3. Water is the most important thing that is necessary to keep your skin glow from inside the body.

4. Papaya (Yellow Pawpaw) mask is the most famous pack that one can try from home. Blend a papaya and apply it on face. Wash it off after 20 minute

5. Mix ground floor with rose water or milk; apply it on face for 30 minute. after you can see you face with more glow and less spot.

Also adding a good quantity of vegetable and fruit in your daily diet has proven to help in beautifying the skin. Regular water intake also helps to maintain the beauty from inside the body.

One thing you should be very careful about is; when applying anything to your neck or face, do not speak when that pack is there on your face. speaking of laughing might lead to wrinkles on face.


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