5 Things About Ladies Who Carry Comdons In Their Bag

It’s no news that unprotected sex and pre-marital sex can lead to all sort of sexually transmitted diseases. Despite of all the risk involved in this act, people still risk their lives in endulging in unprotected sex. It’s no news these days that ladies carry condoms in the bags where ever they, and that makes you wonder why… as insurance or what? People often debate on whether it is ethical for a random women to carry c0nd0ms in her handbags knowing that there are lots of myths surrounding it.

Carrying c0nd0ms in your handbag can sometimes show that you are responsible and care about your health but to some, it’s associated with being a prostitute. Here are five things you need to know about women who carry condoms in their handbags…

#1:. You are responsible

True be told, c0nd0ms are meant to prevent unwanted pregnancy, protect s éxual partners from HIV-Aids, and other s éxually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Any woman who carries c0nd0ms in her handbag is seen as a smart lady who cares about her health and safety.

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