5 things about the sex of reconciliation that nobody told you but you have to know

5 things about the sex of reconciliation that nobody told you but you have to know
Not everything is wonderful in sex reconciliation, and the sooner you know the better.
Who has not made ​​peace with sex? It is more, sometimes it can be one of the best sexual experiences! However, all that glitters is not gold. There are some not so nice things up sex you have to know before you do the next time.

1. You will not forget what caused the fight

While everything is hot, you probably forget even your name. But when things cool down and passion fades, you will remember again the reasons why they fought , and perhaps you feel more upset than before if not solve the original problem.

2. It is not always hot

And the reason that the sex of reconciliation is not always so hot is in the previous point, you or your partner may not enough of what caused the fight to be forgotten, and one of the two is not so motivated to have sex.


3. If it does not work, things can get worse

Many couples use sex to reconcile when in fact, the only thing that can fix things is to solve the original problem. In this sense, sex before arranging things can make everything worse later .

4. It does not replace an apology

If you were the one who made ​​the mistake, you do not use sex to replace an apology ; sooner or later recognize your mistake and apologize. And if it was your partner who was wrong, it may be better to wait to receive an apology before sex.


5. You can create an unhealthy habit

After all, who wants to create a mental, emotional and physical connection in which good sex is linked to fights and arguments?Therefore, we must be careful not to create the habit of always reconcile with sex, because it is unhealthy for the relationship habit .
Now that you know, sure you think twice before having sex reconciliation . 
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