5 Ways To Make Your Wedding The Start Of The Most Beautiful Love Story Ever

Your wedding day may be the happiest day of your life, and if you do it right, will be the most unforgettable day as well. In order to make your wedding the most wonderful and memorable it could possibly be, I’ve compiled a list of five tips to ensure the details of your wedding are everything you would want your special day to be.
We’ve all seen beautiful pictures of dream weddings in tropical places, or magical, vivid photographs of guests holding sparklers in celebration, and the gorgeous, flowing dresses that some brides come down the aisle in. However, these are not the most important ways to make your night unforgettable! There are several other creative ways to do so, that do not require a lot of money, but will take some more planning. It will totally be worth it.

1. Write your own vows.

This is such a beautiful and more personal way to show your love. If you enjoy writing, this should come naturally to you! If you are not too fond of writing or feel uncomfortable writing your own vows, just ask a friend or trusted person for some help. Writing and sharing your own vows will really surprise each other, and will give you a way to really tell someone how you feel. Why do you love this person? What makes them special or unique in your eyes? Think about these questions while writing. Sharing your own written vows will touch each other’s hearts, and hearing it for the first time at the wedding will be absolutely unforgettable and moving.

2. Trade perfume and cologne.

Smell is the most powerful sense associated with memory. Ever catch a whiff of sweet cinnamon and baked apples and think of a loved one’s home? Ever smell a jacket and think of someone close to you? Use the incredible power of smell on your wedding day. Choose a perfume for her and a cologne for him and exchange the scents the day of the wedding, and the new smell will be something associated with that day. Then, every time you wear it or smell it, you will remember the beauty and magic of the day you got a married, and the happiness and love you both felt.

3. Use very personal elements as accessories.

The bride doesn’t need to necessarily wear her mother’s wedding dress (though that can be a beautiful element of a ceremony), but perhaps an old pair of earrings or a necklace from a loved one, or hair clips that have been passed down for generations. Of all of the elements, both the bride and groom should each wear at least one item special to them. This will make them feel the love from not only the person they are about to marry, but also from those around them that have had such an impact on them before they met their partner. Any reminder of love will make a ceremony more precious. Perhaps even wearing something like a necklace your significant other had given you when you first started dating could be another special element.

4. Invest in hiring a great photographer/videographer.

You want the memory of this day to remain with you forever, but having some photos or videos will also be a beautiful addition to have for years to come, when you want to watch and relive the moment. You want to hire a really great photographer or videographer because you don’t want something being missed, or having something really important and special to you be out of focus , overexposed, only taken from someone’s camera phone, or just plain missed. In the end, you’ll have a video as beautiful as the one below.

5. Let the ceremony be the first time he sees you in your wedding dress.

Though some couples opt to go shopping together, or for various reasons decide to show her significant other her dress, you should wait! Walking into the ceremony with a beautiful white (or whatever color you choose, it’s your day!) dress and allowing the man you are going to marry to see you in it for the first time is exciting and more special, and will make it more memorable. Build up the anticipation. Walk in looking absolutely beautiful and let him take everything in—the dress, how beautiful you look, all wrapped up in the love he has for you.
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