6 Easy Steps On How To Make Pasta Salad

Pasta Salad Recipe 

Pasta salad also known as Pasta fredda is a dish prepared with one or more types of pasta, usually chilled, and most often tossed in a vinegar, oil, or mayonnaise-based dressing. It is typically served as an appetizer or a main course. Pasta Salad is often regarded as a spring or summertime meal, but can be served year-round.

Are you wondering how to make this delicious Salad? Not to worry… Erinma of Foodland Fairy has the easy recipe to make this yummy dish.

Pasta Salad Ingredients:

Pasta salad

  •     Cooked pasta (salted)
  •     Diced cucumber
  •      Diced tomato
  •     Diced carrots (salted & steamed)
  •     Peas(steamed)
  •      Sweet corn
  •       Ham or hotdogs
  •       Mayonnaise
  •       Evaporated milk
  •       Salad herbs
  •       Apple cider vinegar
  •       Salt

Direction on how to male Pasta Salad

It’s very easy to make, just follow this six simple steps below:

Step 1: Place mayonnaise and milk in a bowl

Pasta salad Recipe

Step 2: Add some vinegar

Pasta salad

Step 3: Add salt and the salad herb, stir
(You may add sugar if you’d like yours sweet,I don’t add sugar to mine)

Pasta salad

Step 4: Add the cooked pasta and stir

Pasta salad

Step 5: Add the veggies, Ham/Hotdog

Pasta salad

Step 6: Mix all ingredients together

Pasta salad

There you have it! Your Pasta Salad is ready… Enjoy.

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