6 Nigerian Women Share The Most Embarrassing Moments of Their Lives

No one wants to end up in an embarrassing situation, but you might not see it coming!

These six Nigerian women share their hilarious embarrassing moments which they couldn’t avoid.

#1. Aduke

The day my dress embarrassed me in front of everyone. I wore what I thought was the most stylish dress to my best friend’s party. As a fine girl concerned, I felt like I needed to show my dance moves so that everyone would see.  As  I raised up my legs in the middle of a dance step, I heard this weird  sound. My heart and brain stopped for a second. My dress had torn from my panties area to the end! My black tight was in public glare. People had to get me a cab to take me home. What embarrassment!


#2. Chioma

My shaky shoe!Before I left the house for a meeting, I tried this really beautiful looking purple shoe I had not worn for a while. I knew it was a little wobbly, but I didn’t care. I felt I would be able to manage it. Somehow I thought it would be one of those office areas where they drive and drop you in front of the entrance to the reception.Lo and behold, the driver  parked far far away from the building. In fact we had to cross a giant express way and I was wearing  these wobly , ill-fitting pair of shoes.Chai it was not funny-my legs were shaking like crazy. I almost fell. By the time I was coming back, I was visibly shaking. Every one was looking at me like a spectacle. Immediately I got home, I  quickly gave my sister the shoes .


#3. Linda

I forgot my lines while leading the choir..in front of the congregation… I started the song…i sang confidently till I suddenly forgot the song…Geez…I started humming the song … Then I started moving side to side , pretending that it was part of the plan…As I was fumbling, I missed a step and crashed to the floor in front of the whole church!…I simply sat on the floor and continued the song and continued to sing  like I was filled with the holy spirit.Then I slowly stood up. That day was unreal I tell you.


#4. Anu

The day I walked straight into a clear glass at an eatery. The embarrassing part was that a guy was beckoning on me – I totally ignored him thinking he was just wanted to toast me. After I hit the glass, the guy rushed to me and was saying but I was trying to warn you!


#5. Lala

I was giving a presentation and kept saying ascend instead of accent- the way our director corrected me  angrily in front of over 30 other members of staff was just too much for me.


#6. Ekanem

One day I grabbed my sister who had not been around for a while’s purse to church. I just threw my money in without even looking. When I got to the church,, offering time came . As soon as I opened my purse- You need to see the  cockroaches that jumped out like they just had a conference! I flung the purse away from me and embarrassedly jumped up in the full glare of everyone.

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What is the most embarrassing moment of your life?

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