6 Reasons Why we can not help but fall in love with a bad boy

567A bad guy always gets attention …
let me not lie, women tend to fall in love with bad guys all the time.We are attracted to those arrogant men, confident, having fun doing all sorts of adventures.

Although many do not approve of everything they do, they are a magnet for us. But why? Here are some reasons why we love the bad guys .
# 6 are not predictable
A bad guy is not a boring person. Likes new and exciting things occasionally. Being a bad guy means seeing different things every day. Simply, life is not boring when you’re with a person.
# 5 appear very strong
Most girls are physically attracted to strong men. Know that the bad guys, who are always shown as strong and virile. In this way, they capture the attention of the girls around him.

# 4 have much confidence

The bad guys are very safe. Just look scared or sad. They do things based on their instincts. Very rarely they see them fearful. All girls we like to be around a guy who is sure of himself.
# 3 are funny and witty
They always say and do things that entertain the girls. Being around a person makes life exciting and memorable.
# 2 They give a lot of adventure
Being a bad guy means an exciting life. There’s more action, emotion and relationship has something new every day. They have plans to do things you would not do if you were not with him.
No. 1 are full of surprises
Women love surprises. When life seems new and full of surprises every day, it becomes very interesting. So out with a bad guy makes fun and full of surprises every day life.

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