6 Things Experienced As a Kid Raised In Nigeria

Compared to kids growing up in other parts of the world, Nigerian kids always unique experiences must of which we find funny today.

That works if you haven’t been raised in Nigeria. If you have a Nigerian mum, you’d have been raised on a whole different frequency from other children.

There are some things you just associate with Nigerian parents. If you’re not Nigerian, you definitely won’t understand where I’m coming from.

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Thinking back to growing up, there are certain things I’ve experienced that I bet you have:

1. The many unnecessary errands

Ever had your mum (especially) call you to come pick an item that’s close to her?

That’s what I meant.

Kids Raised In Nigeria

Photo: NairaLand


2. The public eye signals

Every Naija parent has different eye signals that they use in controlling your behaviour in public. Your parents could be saying go ahead in public but their eye signal is saying otherwise. Woe betide you if you don’t follow the eyes.

Public eye signal

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