7 beautiful braids to do in less than 5 minutes

Do you feel that you can never wear braids because you do not have enough time to do or you have to wait for special occasions? Forget this! After seeing these beautiful braids , you’ll want to use each of them every day because they do not occupy more than five minutes and you can use them for any occasion, even to stay at home. In addition you can take the opportunity to combine with pretty accessories such as hats or headbands that never find the ideal time to use.


No. 1 Fishtail

Collect all your hair into a single strand and from half the length make a sewn braid well taut and tie leaving a small tuft at the end untwisted. Then gently pull out the last strands of copper braid for a more unstructured termination. Then release a small lock on the side of your forehead to the hair copper a more personal and youthful look.


No. 2 Two braids

This is one of the hairstyles that can easily be combined with a nice accessory like a headband or hat and you will soon be in 3 minutes. Take two strands of your hair and make a braid from half the length to each of them, and will form two loose and relaxed like braids will give a beautiful shape to your hair.


No. 3 Gathered with braids

This hairstyle can design it in various ways. If you find a hurry can opt to use only two small tufts entrenzade to collect the rest of your hair down , or if you have a little more time you can do a half braid in half the length of your hair and then pick it up with the two strands entrenzadis previously. And if you want touse it for a special occasion, you can also choose to add a entrenzadis crown of your own hair.


No. 4 loose Stranded

This look can go well both as an informal occasion for an important event. Just do a maladjusted and tousled braid all of your hair and remember not to tie at the end, if you do it right, surely keep its shape for a long time. Then put on your head a nice headband or wreath , and help give greater stability and shape the rest of the hair. This simple task does not even need tying, far be it from time -consuming !


# 5 To flequills

This braid is especially for those who want to look nice in five minutes and turn not downplay his bangs . Just take all the hair that does not belong to your bangs and make a fairly tight braid, and then tie it in its completion. If you like you can apply a headband or crown to further enhance your bangs.


# 6 Hair tied

This hairstyle is perfect for a hot day where you want to take your hair tied but not with a simple ponytail. It may seem a challenge that looks good, but not as difficult as it seems. Divide your hair into two sections and make a braid each section, then just those two strands together previously entrenzadis to form a bun and finally tie it You’ll look beautiful and is super refreshing.


# 7 Two half braids

If you want to use braids but also want to give prominence to the length of your hair , you can opt for half braids. This way you can wear two amazing tresses and still brag about how long have your hair.
Do not be fooled by the pictures, despite all these hairstyles seem very elaborate and require hours of being in the mirror, they are all very simple and extremely quick to make, not to give you a fabulous style . Dare to try and do not forget totake your time!
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