7 Career Paths That Could Send You Globetrotting


Unless you fall into the small percentage of people fortunate enough to be born into infinite wealth, you have come to terms with the reality that you have to get a job in order to be perceived as a productive member of society. We all would love to have a job that’s exciting and fun, but hey, I think it’s a win as long as you find a career path that doesn’t make you dread punching into the time clock.
If you’re really adventurous and love to travel, you don’t have to sacrifice that for a job. Just take a look at some of these careers that allow you to go globetrotting.

Flight Attendant


Truck Driver

Driving trucks for a living doesn’t sound glamorous, but it has the potential to be a very rewarding career. Since trucks can’t drive across the ocean there are limits where your next travel destination will be, but long haul truckers deliver goods and get to see many places that they would otherwise have no reason to travel to.

Executive Assistant

Working as an executive assistant can be a demanding career. You get pushed and pulled in a million different directions, but all for good reason. Executive assistants are extensions of the person they assist even when they travel.

Cruise Line Worker

I don’t see how a job that allows you to help provide a memorable trip for travelers could ever get old. Even though you’re on the clock, you’re still on a cruise ship, probably headed to some scenic paradise. How much better could life at work be?


Consulting might be the most diverse job a person can have. The field gives you a wide range of industries to work in and with so much diversity at your fingertips, boredom would be out of reach. Depending on your client and how far your reach is, you could find yourself traveling to every corner of the globe.


Journalism is a career path that can award you a trip to some of the the best and worst places in the world in search of the most interesting stories.

Athletic Coach… Or Trainer

Being an athletic coach is probably the most rewarding career on the list because of the direct impact you can have on the lives of other people. For that very reason it requires a ton of dedication. The more you progress in your career as a coach, the better the travel perks become. Same goes for athletic trainers. Where ever it is the team travels, you travel too.
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