Top 7 Disgraceful Fraud And Corruption Scandals In Nigeria Politics

Fraud And Corruption Scandals In Nigeria Politics

The glaring corrupt practices that occur in Nigeria politics paint the nation in bad colors. There are clear cover-ups and lack of political will to bring a number of these corrupt cases to closure. Cogent political issues that affect the nation are often ignored by the authorities concerned. Once the buzz associated with such cases die down, they are often swept under the carpet.

Most times, nothing gets done after individuals, agencies and corporations are indicted by the National Assembly or the Senate. As a result, the huge amount spent on public hearings and oversight functions drain the national resources.

Below are some of the disgraceful corrupt practices in Nigeria politics.

  1. Kerosene Subsidy Scam

This is considered monumental fraud by the average Nigerian. Tears after a presidential ended kerosene subsidy, the NNPC stated it had continued to subsidize the product. Despite this, Nigerians are not benefiting from the subsidy.

  1. The Maina Pension Scam

The pension scam affected about 141,790 pensioners. The Chairman of Pension Reform Task Team, Abdulrasheed Maina, was accused of looting 195 billion Naira. Mr. Maina stated while being probed that Aloysius Etuk demanded $100,000 from him as bribe. Sani Shuaibu Teidi was also persecuted along with 31 others.

  1. Police Pension Fund Fraud

The former Director of Police Pension Fund, Esai Dangabar, together with 4 other people were accused of misusing 32.8 billion Naira from the Police Pension Fund. Mr. Dangabar pointed accusing fingers at some committee members of the Senate as beneficiaries of the loot. Nothing tangible came out of the probe.

  1. Stella Oduah

Before she was removed as the Aviation Minister, she was involved in a 225 million Naira armoured car scandal. She abused her office by forcing an agency under her ministry to buy her expensive cars. No detailed report about the House of Representatives’ investigation was released.

  1. Missing 20 Billion Naira Oil Money

The former Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Lamido Sanusi, stated in 2013 that the NNPC failed to remit billions of naira in oil proceeds to the state. This led to a serious rift between Lamido and Goodluck Jonathan (who happened to be the president then). This later led to Lamido’s suspension from office.

  1. 15 Million Dollars Private Jet/ Arms Scandal

15 million dollars in cash was conveyed by a private jet to Johannesburg for arms deal between Nigeria and a South African firm. The deal was an embarrassing one and was not investigated by the National Assembly.

  1. Farouk Lawan

Farouk Lawan was caught on tape collecting 620,000 dollars out of a 3 million dollars bribe while his committee was investigating the fuel subsidy scam. He was collecting the money from Femi Otedola. No report about the House of Representative’s investigation was issued till date.

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