7 Food a Typical Nigerian Don't Joke With

There are some dishes that Nigerians most certainly don’t joke with

A typical Nigerian is a foodie, and we attach a lot of respect for some food items. So by this, we say ”there are food; and there are FOOD”. We can’t just do without some of these food, seeing the images, smelling the aroma or hearing someone talk about it alone will definitely make you salivate.

Here are 7 foods every Nigerian don’t joke with;


#1.  Agege Bread

Who jokes with Agege bread? It is just an essential commodity that keeps you going anytime. Agege bread has a lot of perfect combos like; Ewa agonyin, Akara, Spreadable butter and even hot creamy tea.

Agege bread

Photo: Biscuitboneblog

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