7 Kitchen Utensils That Makes Your Cooking Easier

These kitchen utensils makes life better in the kitchen

Cooking in the kitchen can be stressful especially when catering for a large family. Shout out to the great chefs, they make life better for foodies like us…”Good Food equals Good Life.”  We don’t have to cook when they are around; eating outside sometimes is the best.

Most people love good food, but no one loves to spend so much time in the kitchen. All thanks to Kitchen utensils, they make life easy.


Here are 7 of many kitchen utensils you need right now: 


#1. Cooking spoon set

What can you cook without having cooking spoons? almost nothing. There are different types of cooking spoons which serves different purposes. However, most of the spoons can always be used for many task mostly for stiring and turning.

Cooking spoon set

Photo: Robovy


#2. Curve Peeler

simple to use utensils that peels any food. Curve peeler can be used to peel potatoes, oranges, carrot, cucumbers and so many others.

Food Peeler

Photo: Nuku


#3. Potato Chipper

Potato chippers are used to slice potatoes into the shapes of fries. It is better than using a knife.

Potato Chipper

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#4. Can Opener

they are simple to use and they help prevent domestic accidents that may occur when trying to open a can manually. Can openers are used to open processed foods such as canned soups, canned tomato, etc.

 Can Opener

Photo: Amazon


#5. Garlic Press

Garlic press is used to mince garlic and it is better than using a knife, because the clove of garlic can pass through the press without removing it’s peel. The peel remains in the press while the garlic is crushed out.

Garlic Press

Photo: Ebay


#6. Salad Grater

Salad grater helps slice everything needed to make salad.

Salad Grater

Photo: AliExpress


#7. Food Processor

 this is very similar to blenders, but they operate differently. Food processors perform multiple tasks such as slicing, chopping, shredding, grinding, mixing food and kneading dough. They also make mini and major tasks appear easy.

Food Processor

Photo: Pinterest

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