7 Nigerian Artiste Who Always Drop Hot Music Videos

Most of the music videos released by Nigerian artiste does not always compliment the quality of the audio version of the songs.

Recently, a twitter follower said;

A Nigerian musician will release a song about love, faithfulness and a girl of his dreams. Music video will feature the said musician in a club with a hundred girls.

That was on point!

Music videos ought to correlate with the song. You can’t be singing about heartbreak and your video features you dancing in a party. Or the one that really gets my goat, every music video these days must feature half clad girls.

Fret not.

There are amazing musicians who always get it right music video wise. Here are my top four musicians who never disappoint with their music videos:

#1. Flavour

Flavour Nabalia is one like no other and no one could mimic him successfully no matter how hard they try. He is the one and only Flavour, and after him there may be no other Flavour. His most viewed video on Youtube is still ‘Nwa baby’ remix with 20 million views on YouTube.

Flaour nabania

Photo: Bella naija

Author: baze 2shot

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