7 Nigerian Sauce That Doesn't Need Tomatoes

This scarcity is caused by the Tuta absoluta (tomato ebola) virus. This outbreak has destroyed tomato crops in the Northern part of Nigeria.

The moth feeds voraciously upon tomato plants, producing large galleries in leaves, burrowing in stalks, and consuming apical buds and green and ripe fruits. It is capable of causing a yield loss of 100%.

Nigerians now eat rice with stew that looks like this;

Rice and Tiny Stew

Photo: Twitter

Nigeria is so rich in culture, tradition and delicacies. There are some alternatives stew you can make without using any tomatoes.

Here are 7  traditional Nigerian stew you can make without tomatoes;

#1.  Banga soup (Ofe Akwu)

This is made from palm kernels. Meat, fish, pepper, and scent leaves are added. Banga can be eaten with rice or eba. Take your pick!

banga soup

Photo: Afrolems


#2.  Ayamase (Ofada sauce)

Everyone is under the assumption that Ayamase is made from tomatoes. Au contraire! Ayamase is made from unripe pepper. Yes, blend green peppers and add to palm oil. Viola, a sauce to eat rice with is ready.

Ofada stew

Photo: KemiFilani


#3.  Garden egg sauce

Forget tomatoes, delve into the world of garden egg. It doesn’t require much. Just garden eggs, fish, palm oil, pepper, salt and whatever else that catches your fancy.

Garden Egg Sauce

Photo: YouTube


#4.  Efo riro

This sauce is made with Shoko leaves, palm oil, and red peppers. It doesn’t need tomatoes and it’s incredibly healthy. You can eat efo riro with rice, eba, semo or pounded yam. A truly versatile sauce!

Efo riro

Photo: 9jaFoodie


#5.  Egusi soup

This is another soup that surprisingly tastes amazing with rice. Just try it.

Egusi Soup

Photo: Funke-Kolesho/Blogspot


#6.  Vegetable soup (ugu/pumpkin leaves)

Vegetable soup made with ugu is one one everyone loves. Best of all, it is good for you.

Vegetable soup (pumplin leaves)

Photo: NigerianFoodTV


#7.  Miyan kuka

This is a sauce from Northern Nigeria. It is made with the leaves of the baobab tree. It is usually served with rice.

Miyan Kuka

Photo: GratedNutMeg


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