7 perfect places to research for topics

Research is the study of any subject or topic or course of interest. Research is being carried out in order to discover new findings or viral information. Without doubt, it is amazing that the Internet has made everything simple, easier and at the tip of our fingers. Nevertheless, the presence of Internet and its dominance has made many students or researchers forget that, there are many other ways you can carry out investigation or research in order to obtain information and facts.

Sincerely speaking, are you wondering that other ways to research for any topic which are also perfect to obtain info and facts? Yes, aside the Internet there are many other ways but I will highlight perfect other nine (7) places where information or fact can be deduced easily.  As from now on, don’t let the Internet keeps you off of the other places in sources.
However, it is even important to get your information or fact from a primary source because of its reliability than the Internet which is a dump place for anybody to put anything. Not all information derived from the Internet is reliable therefore you need to know other places you can research for any focus of interest.
Though, there are many places but let’s not go straight to the perfect seven places to gather information or fact for any topic of your choice.

it is visible to blind and audible to the deaf that Internet is the most used tool to carry out any investigation in order to deduce information or extract some facts. Internet has facilitated the act of finding any topic, subject or focus of interest very easier with some website like bing.com, Google.com, ask.com and many more. However, let be assured of this, that not all information gathered on the Internet is reliable. Frankly speaking, many information derived here is inaccurate while some are even erroneous. Another great tool on the Internet is Wikipedia, but not all info are reliable there too because it is an input perfected by man. Therefore, double check your information or facts gathered with other source.
One of the reliable source to gather or obtain information and some reason facts is the library. Library is a place popularly known as stock of different books. Books relating to any topic, subject, course or let me say anything can be found in the library. These are types of books where you can obtain information
– Textbooks
– Atlas
– Dictionary
– Encyclopedia
– Almanacs
– Biographies
– and many more
specialist or experts are persons with special skills, unique knowledge  and who have undergone training in a particular field. Information obtain from experts or specialists are more reliable because it is primary source of information.
Another perfect place any research can obtain a reliable information is the government office. Government office in your country be it the Federal, state or local level can be a good source of gathering facts. Though, it is might difficult but it is a very nice place to get more information about historic data particular information or facts related to the government.
Documentaries is also a source where information can be gathered. Documentaries 
Many people see museum as a place for fun and enjoyment. However, museum is a general place where good information or fact can be gathered as a result of its historical, cultural or  scientific materials be kept there. Fortunately, museum is a primary source of information which is also reliable because the act of research is being carried out in form of observation.
Some institutions like zoo, Parks and garden are not only meant for amusement. As a researcher, vital information can be deduced in those places.
Finally, you can now see that not only the Internet is important to do research of any topic. Even though the Internet is easy accessible but other places are more reliable then the Internet because they are almost all primary source of information.
 which is in form of visual display of information. It might be in form of video recording or films. 
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