7 Power Failure Struggles Every Nigerian Can Relate To

Every Nigerian has a love-hate relationship with NEPA.

AKA PHCN. They are the third most cursed out group in Nigeria. Just after politicians and the police force.

We have no choice but to live with it. The low currents, the crazy bills and the “playing with our emotions” are all part and parcel of the Nigerian experience.

Sure you would have experienced one of the following Scenarios;

1.  Flashing Light like telephone call

NEPA just loves playing with our emotions. Chai! After 2 months and 3 flashes in 1 hour. Odabo for another 1 month!

Okon: Chisos

Photo: NairaLand


2.  No light for months but bills be steadily appearing

How?! How can you pay for a service you’re not using?

Surprised frank donga

Photo: NdaniTV/YouTube


3.  When they bring low current after many months

kid meme face disgust

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4.  You want to iron your clothes and NEPA takes light

I swear NEPA has a way of timing this “scenario”. Always. And you’d be wondering why you didn’t iron earlier.

I made a terrible mistake meme

Photo: Zikoko


5.  How your house looks when your generator is ON

Unofficial light bringer. Charging hub

Funny Phone Charging Nigeria

Photo: Streetizens


6.  When NEPA brings light just as it is about to rain

This is probably the first and last time you’ll see the light in weeks.

small girl thinking meme african girl

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7.  The moment when you guys beat the NEPA man trying to cut your light

These NEPA men “buru gaan”. You won’t bring light, you will be bringing bill upandan. And they will still want to cut your wire. Chop your beating in peace oh jare!

Patience Ozonkwo

Photo: IbakaTV/YouTube

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