7 reasons why you should be drinking lemonade every morning

Many healthy food advocates are suggesting we should start the day with a glass of unsweetened lemonade. Below you will find seven reasons why every morning should start with lemonade.

#1 It stimulates immunity – Lemon is rich in vitamin C, which is important, especially in winter, for the prevention of colds;

#2 It helps in pressure regulation – Lemon is rich with potassium, which stimulates the brain and the entire nervous system, and helps in maintaining normal blood pressure;

#3 Irrigates the lymphatic system – A glass of lemonade you drink in the morning helps eliminating toxic substances which can be found in your body after sleeping. During sleep, our body is mildly dehydrated, and if you do not start the day with water, toxic substances can stay in the body. The lemonade helps in dissolving this substances;


#4 Improves the mood – Lemon provides energy and improves the mood. Interestingly, the lemon is one of the few foods that contain more negative than positive ions and negative ions improve mood (for example, after rain the air is rich in negative ions). And the smell of lemon has a positive effect on mood – helps to cheer and clear your mind. It also helps to reduce anxiety and depression;

#5 Detoxifies the liver – Citric acid (which can be found in lemon) stimulates the functioning of the liver enzymes, which in turn stimulates the liver and helps in liver detoxification;

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#6 Balances the pH of the body – Daily consumption of lemon water will help you reduce the acidity of the body. Although with sour taste, lemon is one of the most alkaline foods. When metabolized in the body, it does not create acid, but alkaline (base) reaction;

#7 Helps in weight loss – Some studies have shown that people who eat more alkaline foods, can loose their weight easier and faster. A lemon alkalizes the body;

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