7 Reasons Nigerians Abroad Are Missing Home

Why Nigerians Living Abroad Will Always Miss Home

Living abroad is one of the things being craved for by lots of Nigerians due to the economic and political state of the country.  To some People, living abroad is next to living in paradise as many believe the grass is greener over there. As memorable and pleasurable this dream of living abroad is, there are some things that you will miss when you are not in Nigeria. The truth is you may not appreciate these things while you were in Nigeria, this goes a long way to support the saying that “you don’t appreciate what you have until you lose it.”

You will appreciate how important and lovely these things are when you’re opportune to spend few months outside the shores of Nigeria (after the excitement and fun of the new country must have dried off.) below are some of the things you’ll definitely miss about Nigeria if you live abroad.

1. Friends, Neighbors and Families

You will definitely miss those special moments with your friends, neighbors and families, most especially the amazing  august visits you get from them. Nothing is as memorable as those experiences. During these moments, you enjoy different traditional meals are served and memorable gist and tales are shared. These moments boost the bond and unity between you and your loved ones.

This luxury is not usually enjoyed by those living abroad, as most people are either in work in order to pay their bills or are indoor because of the freezing weather. This definitely makes them to miss home.

2. Street Jamz

Most streets in developed countries are so quiet that you can hear the sound of a needle falling to the ground. This is because noise pollution is regarded as a punishable offense. This is not the case in Nigeria. Once you land in the country, you will be greeted by the various Afro-beat jamz coming from various cars, houses and shops. This actually is exciting as it enables you know the hottest and latest album or track in town without making use of the internet. This also set u you in a party mood as you move those songs…

3. “Owambe parties”

Nigerians are known for weekend parties; fashionable clothes, foods, friends and families. All these features characterize a typical Nigerian party. Nigerians are know to organize massive and grooviest weekend parties in the universe.

The only way you identify a great celebration in Nigeria is if there is good food and music. You get both in Nigerian parties. You also enjoy lots of celebration like this with friends and families, not forgetting the dancing, eating and drinking. Every weekend without a party to attend is a very rear occurrence to many Nigerians. This makes Home a fun place to be.

5. Market Haggling

You will appreciate the markets we have here in Nigeria by the time you’re opportune to go abroad. It is difficult to bargain on most items abroad simply because they come with price tags. However, everything here is more affordable and easier to buy because they do not have price tags, Even African goods and food items sold abroad comes with expensive price tags because of importation duty, so everything is “last price”.

6. Affordable Housing

Although so many things in Nigeria are not affordable for an average Nigerian, however, if you calculate the amount spent on housing in Nigeria with that spent abroad, you will love to be here. Despite the unpleasant events currently happening in Nigeria, there are still some few things that you will definitely miss about the country. Accommodation abroad is like gold, a month rent is more than 10 times expensive than Nigeria rent fees. That’s why most Nigerians living abroad don’t enjoy the luxury beautiful and spacious apartments.

7. Add yours please…

Are you a Nigerian living abroad? What do you miss about Nigeria? Let’s know your thoughts by dropping your comments in the comment box below.

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