7 Ridiculous Lies by Nigerian Politicians Before Election

Most Politicians Lie but Nigerian Politicians Are Know For Ridiculous Tales

As far as I’m concerned, Nigeria politics is still a joke. It’s filled with confused humans that do not know what they are doing other than embezzling government funds. Nigerian politicians are great liars and they use lies to get the voters’ votes. We define a lie when what is promised is not realistically attainable or when the time frame for what was promised has elapsed. Funny thing is most people still fall for these crazy and cheap lies. Nigerians need to wake up!

It’s almost a year since the last election, below are some lies our politicians told that got people talking in the last election in 2015.

  1. I don’t sign sign cheques

This was said by Raji Fashola (Immediate past governor of Lagos state) while he was being screened before his ministerial appointment. I wonder how a whole governor won’t sign cheques.

2. I have no shoes

This was an emotional and persuasive line used by Goodluck Jonathan during the 2011 Presidential campaign. It wasn’t too long before Nigerians realised this was just an “emotional lie” to get their votes. In one of his campaign slogan then, he also “promised air”. I think Nigerians seriously need fresh air before these lies suffocates us

3. I did not promise stipends for unemployed youths

One of the reasons while the masses were interested in ensuring that APC won the last Presidential election was due to the promise made by their Presidential candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari, to pay unemployed graduates stipend of five thousand naira monthly. It was however funny when he said he did not make such promise.

4. Corruption is not stealing

This was said by Goodluck Jonathan in 2014. I wonder what corruption is if it is not stealing.

5. I have never received bribe

The fearless Rotimi Amaechi said this during his ministerial screening. Well, I’m not to decide if he was saying the truth, but you can decide…

6. I did not promise two million jobs

Another promise denied by President Buhari was providing 2 million jobs for Nigerians. knowing that unemployment is a big issue in Nigeria, this was an easy lie to fall for. Now the president has denied this saying, like Nigerians have short-term memories or what!

7. We did not promise one free meal for students

This was said by the Vice President, Osinbajo. This lie is to get votes from poor families and it worked. I wonder where those promises came from if not from them.

Lies lies and all lies….Kindly add yours. Let’s know the lies our politicians throw in order to get our votes. God bless Beautiful Nigeria

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