7 Stages of Grief By Psquare Fans After Split (Photos)

Fans of P-Square are grieving the break up of  Africa and Nigeria’s Hottest Group 

Nigerian screen goddess Mercy Johnson pleaded on Instagram few weeks before Psquare broke up as a group;

‘All we ask lord is peace at d end. In tears as I listen,am calling heaven as I pray #DONTSPLITPSQUARE’.

According to the Vanguard, ex-Governor Peter Obi of Anambra State called them separately to try and convince them not to split, but all efforts proved to be a failed attempt.

It’t no longer news now and we’ve all accepted the reality. P-Square, made up of Paul and Peter Okoye,  You must now refer to them as RudeBoy and Mr P respectively.

Family, eh? You’re bound to have fights. But not fights watched by millions of eager fans. The identical twins have the (mis)fortune of having more than a million followers between them on Instagram pleading them to not go separate ways.

We’ve taken some screenshots of the best comments over the last few days since the announcement. It seems P-Square’s fans are going through the seven stages of grief. Our heart goes out to them all.

#1. Shock

You know someone really loves you when they’re working your lyrics into an essay about why you should not ever split.

#2. Denial

The conspiracy theorists are out in full force and don’t want to believe the facts.

#3. Bargaining

‘Take or leave’: this one fan thinks scare tactics will bring the twins back.

#4. Guilt

Others are feeling the burden of their powerlessness to change their minds.

#5. Anger

He is NOT happy.

#6. Depression

Having your heart broken into 10-million pieces does not sound healthy. Lets hope for a quick recovery.

#7. Acceptance

Some have finally accepted the break-up – and aren’t looking back.

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