7 Times Nigerians were Fooled by Electricity Supply Company

 Nigerians be like ”Up Nepa! Up Nepa!” when electricity is restored. Will this ever end?

For decades songs have been composed, sung and remixed for my dearly beloved Electricity Distribution Company. Did you know that the now EDC–Electricity Distribution Company in Nigeria had it’s name changed four times since the installation of its first plant in Lagos as far back as 1898?

In 1950, It was first called ECN–Electricity Corporation of Nigeria

The then Niger Dam Authority (NDA) and ECN were merged to form the National Electric Power Authority (NEPA) with effect from 1 April 1972. Are you seeing what I’m seeing? The merger took place on April Fools Day and earned the name Never Expect Power Always.

Then came PHCN– Power Holding Company Nigeria in 2010.  Which also ceased to exist from 2013 following a privatization process by the ruling government of that regime.

Since then, they’ve been called Electricity Distribution Companies. Yet have we seen significant changes? Right now I’m powering my laptop from a neighbor’s flat with a generator set.

Now I get the joke. “EDC be fooling Nigerians since 1972………” Plus I got a few pictures I’m sure every Nigerian can identify with. No be the same Naija we dey?

#1. “When NEPA brings back the light after being plunged in darkness for 3 days. “

Images: Dam Stylee

Photo: Dam Stylee

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