7 Ways To get Rich in Nigeria Without Scamming

See How Nigerians Are Making Quick Money Online Without Scamming

We all love to live a comfortable life and we all love to make money. However, making money through illegitimate means have given Nigeria a bad image. This post will open your eyes to ways you can get rich in Nigeria through legitimate ways.

Due to the age we find ourselves, technological advancements have taken over. This advancement is responsible for the creation of opportunities on the internet which provides an avenue for anyone to make money easily. Keep reading and discover ways through which you can make money in Nigeria without scamming.

1. Creation of Information Product

Is there anything you’re knowledgeable in? There tons of people craving to know what you know. Why don’t you turn that knowledge into money by selling the information. You can sell virtually anything online if the market is already available. If you know how to bake very well, put the training into writing and turn it into an eBook which you can sell for massive profit.

For the benefit of those that do not know what an eBook means, it simply means an electronic book which is in PDF (Portable Document Form) format. It has a cover and table of contents.

Creation and selling of information products (information marketing) is very lucrative.

2. Selling of Products on Online Stores

You can be an associate store owner and sell your products. Nigeria’s top e-commerce stores where you can sell your products include konga.com, jumia.com.ng, kaymu.com.ng. If you also have items you are no more using, you can sell them off on jiji.com and efritin.com.

You can make good money by selling your products on the aforementioned sites. This is because the number of Nigerians that are conversant with e-commerce increases every day and Nigeria is ranking amongst the top 10 Internet users across the world.

3. Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the most lucrative ways to make money in Nigeria. This involves helping companies online to sell their products while being paid a commission in the process. Websites that offer this service include jumia.com.ng, konga.com and a number of hosting companies.

4. Writing Articles

If you’re gifted in conducting good researches and writing, you can turn this talent into a source of wealth. You can make money by writing for blogs while you get paid in the process. A quick website to visit is Fiverr.com, you get paid $5 for an article. There are other article writing sites, just Google “Get paid to write” and see tons of options available for you.

5. Mini-Importation Business

You will definitely make lots of money when you import products that are in high demand. Despite the high constraints of the high dollar to naira rate, you can still make massive profits if you can deal in products with ready-made markets. We will be writing more on products you can export and import to Nigeria in coming weeks.

6. Start a Blog

Blogging can be a source of sustainable income. However, you need to it this right when starting a blog. Choose a profitable niche where people needs lots of help or information, then provide your help. Once people perceive you as an expert in your niche, they will be willing to accept any offer you have for sale. Most of the sites you visit today in Nigeria started as a blog. Nigeria’s most popular and richest blog is a billionaire, now we don’t need to tell you how much you can make from a blog,

7. Social Media Marketing

You can also be rich by helping companies improve their social media presence. These companies are willing to pay lots of money for this. So, if you’re knowledgeable in getting lots of twitter followers within days, you can make money from this knowledge. So don’t waste time to post about the party you went to last weekend, you can turn your followers and social media pages to a business.

There you have them- the 7 ways through which you can be rich in Nigeria without scamming. Do you need more details on any of these means? Let’s know through the comment box below.

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