8 exciting things you need to know about Sunny Leone And Daniel Weber

Unquestionably, Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber make a great pair.  In this article, you will learn some unknown facts about super hot couple Sunny Leone And Daniel Weber.

#1. The first date

Daniel waited for a period of 6 weeks before she lastly said yes for a date. Even after that, Sunny was so adamant to get rejected by Daniel that she showed up too late.

#2. The wedding

Sunny and Daniel tied the nuptial knot at a Gurudwara. Sunny shared: “As a kid I went to the Gurudwara every weekend and my brother and I were forced to do kirtan. Now I realize that it was a good thing. In fact, Daniel and I had a Punjabi wedding, we got married in a Gurudwara. Since both my parents had passed away, it was very important for me that even though they are not here, the tradition got carried forward.”

#3. Life partners and business partners

The two are not just hubby and wife, but business associates additionally. They own a production firm.

#4. The movie scripts

Daniel is happy with his wife’s success. Before taking any film, she makes sure that her hubby reads all her screenplays.

“No script offered to me is approved without Daniel’s permission. I do not sign any contract without making him read it.”

#5. Daniel the great cook

Daniel is a keen lover and loves to cook for his wife. Not only this, he guarantees that the food he cooks is vigorous and delicious in order that his wifey can stay in shape.

Sunny pompously stated: “With Daniel around, it’s as if I have the food FBI behind me telling me what not to eat because I have to remain in shape and diet and work out.”

#6. Priorities

Not only hubby, but Sunny loves to make food too. Whenever their tiring agenda gives some free time, they love to make food and enjoy breakfast together.

#7. The gifts

From beautiful emeralds and costly diamonds to luxurious luxury cars, this pair gets pleasure from pampering one another with impressive gifts.

#8. Understanding

They both admit this truth that they are from the entertainment world, and they are happy with it. They understand each other completely.

“In an Indian society, it is taboo to be in such a profession, but we love each other. I don’t have to deal with the tag of being a porn star or my wife being one. I own the production company and we share the best relationship. We are friends, business partners and together 24×7.”

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