8 Jobs Nigerian Parents Don't Understand

Nigerian parents are sceptical about there children choosing a career or jobs that doesn’t exist in their days.  A typical Nigerian parent believe that you have to study Medicine, Accountancy, Engineering, etc…

Some professions are paying ten times more than the usual white collar jobs; most of these jobs also brings fame in no time. While some parents are still adamant about regular careers, some are already appreciating their children in other fields other than geology, biotechnology…. Knowing that the likes of Wizkid, Davido and co charges over a million per show or that Mikel Obi’s salary per month is what they collect in 10 years ? Why wouldn’t they agree? But still at that, there are a few jobs that not all Nigerian parents have come to admit. A lot of them have to do with the fact that they cannot brag about it to the friends or in most cases, cannot explain fully what you do.

Folabi is a doctor”, “Shade is a lawyer”

“My son?  Oga Fotografa, tell your auntie what you say you do again”

Here are a few jobs Nigerian parents may not fully understand;

#1. Blogger/Vloggers

Try explaining to the average Nigerian parent that you are a blogger and the reaction is one you will never forget. The ones that understand what it means will ask you how you successfully spent their money abroad and now all you do is carry make-up around their house and teach your “fans” to use it and the ones who do not will spend nights trying to figure how you sharing food preparation methods as a food blogger will bring money to the house.

Photo: Doz.com

#2. App Developers

“So what do you do now Folabi”
“I write codes and develop programs for companies”

What kind of programs really? What exactly is a program do?

“I knew you shouldn’t have gone to that school. We should have invested the money instead of you to sit down all day and be pressing laptop”

“Are you sure it’s not 419 you’re doing?”

Photo: Timeslive.co.za

3. Photographers

“So you’ve decided what you want to do is carry a camera and be snapping people ehn?”

How will you make it? Is this what we sent you to school to do? How will you take care of us in our old age? 

Nigerian parents will never get this


#4. Music Producer

Producers are credited for hit songs we listen to everyday, because the quality of the beats determines how people will receive the song. They usually charge a huge of money to make beat nowadays.

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#5. Social Media Managers/PR Executives

“So Nnanna explain exactly to your Uncle what you do for a living because I don’t understand clearly”

“Uncle, I work with social media. Facebook, Twitter and the likes”

Your dad and your uncle probably look at each other, sigh and try to understand how you work with Facebook – the same facebook they use to post about their rendezvous in the old boy’s association groups.

Photo: Walkerart.org

#6. Models

Nigerian parents will never understand being a model too. Most especially about the ones from staunch Christian families

“So you want to go and show off your nakedness to the whole world abi?

The ones that understand modelling will try to understand how that will make money over a long period of time.

Photo: SuperModels.nl


#7. DJ

No words. Nigerian parents will insult you for even thinking about it in the first place

Photo: Brand Essence


#8. Artist/Sculptor

Like make beautiful art pieces and have exhibitions. But the average Nigerian parent will say no to this.

“You better drop this hobby and pursue real life”

Image: Bella Naija
Photo: Bella Naija
Would you allow you Children to choose any of these careers mentioned above?
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