8 Jollof Rice Recipes Across African Countries

Forget about Jollof war and where Jollof rice originated from, we all love this meal so much and we cook in different ways across the boarders.

Jollof rice takes on different forms and flavours across the continent. Each country claims to have the best recipe, hence the Jollof rice war begins. But i think there is no need for all the argument, we should understand that since this popular rice meal is loved by many across African countries, there will always be different recipes which each cook follows. The only difference in Jollof rice in all these countries is the recipes used which ends up in giving distinctive but similar taste.


But what is the difference in recipes and presentation across the continent. Here are some Jollof rice recipe videos by different cooks


#1.  Jollof rice, Senegalese style:

#2. Ghanian Jollof rice recipe 

#3. Nigerian Jollof Recipe

#4. Sierra Leonean Jollof rice

#5. Jollof rice, Togo style

#6. Liberian Jollof rice


#7. Cameroonian  Jollof Rice

#8. Gambian Jollof with some humour

Jollof rice is jollof rice no matter which recipe you choose to use from the above… lets stop arguing and start cooking.
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