8 Mouth Watering Things You Can Make With Nigerian Beans

Nigerians are know to like food a lot…

Nigerians eat Rice a lot, breakfast, lunch and dinner; that’s why they grow grey hair easily (lol). Nothetheless, there are a few of us who like beans too.

We love both so much, some do combined them in a dish, Rice and Beans. We want to appreciate the cousin of the rice, Beans, who is also wonderful in his own right. Beans can be cooked with other Nigerian food which really goes well together.

Here are some delicious things you can do with Nigerian Beans:

#1.   Gbegiri

Who knew beans would work so well as a soup? Apparently the Yorubas did. Gbegiri is a Yoruba soup that is made from ground beans. And it is absolutely delicious.


Photo: DobbysSignature


#2.  Akara

Call it Bean cake, Akara or whatever, you cannot deny that ground beans molded into balls and deep fried is heaven. Add bread or Ogi (Pap/Akamu) and Nigerians will literally follow you anywhere.


Photo: Sisi Jemimah

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