8 Period Hacks Every Nigerian Girl Should Know

Every woman will have a period for most of her life.


It usually starts in the pre-teen or early teen age. And they end when a woman is in her 40’s or 50’s depending on the woman.

Periods can be awfully uncomfortable. There are so many things going on in your body at that time coupled with the regular stresses of life. Here are some period hacks every woman should absolutely know:

#1. Drink more water

Put as much H2O into your system as you can get your hands on. It’s easy to get really dehydrated when you’re losing that much fluid, and chugging water will help ease the most common symptoms, such as bloating and fatigue. Resist the urge to purchase the sugary energy drinks you see in the vending machines, as they will only make you feel worse. Staying hydrated will also aid with digestion, so you can process your meals better and faster.

#2.  Period tracking app

The best thing to use to track your period is an app. You keep it on your phone and it aggregates all the information pertaining to your cycle. These apps will remind you when your period is about to start so you’re prepared.

Period tracking app on smart phone

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#3.  An emergency period kit

You don’t know where you’d be when your period starts. So, always keep a small supply of pads, tampons and other period supplies in your favourite handbags so you’re not caught unawares.

Emergency Period Kit

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#4.  Sleep on your side

It is extremely hard to get comfortable during your period especially when you sleep. Sleeping on your side is the best sleep position for every woman on her period.

black woman sleeping on her side

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#5.  Cool environment

When you’re on your period, your basal body temperature rises. You will always be hot and uncomfortable. Stay in cool places so you can be more comfortable. Also, cold drinks are great for bringing down your temperature.

Air Conditioner

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#6.  Use a hot water bottle with a twist

Everyone knows about using a hot water bottle on their stomach to relive cramps. But the water bottle sometimes gets too hot. A cool way to use the hot water bottle is to lay on your back and put the hot water bottle on your lower back. It works better than putting it directly on your stomach. And there is no need to take it off.


Photo: OnTheRagMag

#7.  Try a yoga pose for fast cramp relief

This yoga pose called “downward facing dog” is great for providing fast relief from period cramps.

Downward-Facing-Dog Yoga PosePhoto:Pinterest

#8. Consume More Calcium

If you consume 1200 mg of calcium a day when your period is around, you could possibly cut your menstrual symptoms in half — including moodiness and cramping. The easiest thing to do is take some all-natural supplementswhen you start PMSing, rather than reaching for it when the sky is already falling down on you. Bonus? You’ll have stronger bones and reduce your risk of osteoporosis later in life.

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