8 Wardrobe Essentials For The Working Class Girl

Looking like a Boss Chip is important in attracting new business.

If you just started a new job, then you’d understand the struggle to build a great wardrobe. Do you already have a job but are still struggling with what to wear to work? This article may just be the best thing to happen to you yet.

Building a fashionable yet proper work wardrobe may not be easy. But with these versatile and essential items, you’d be on your way to slaying at work too:

#1. Ankara Office style

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#2.  A white shirt

This is one of the easiest ways to look smart and sharp. You can rock your white shirt with a sleeveless dress, with a skirt or even on trousers.

white shirt fashion

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#3.  A Blazer/Jacket

This is one item that will elevate your wardrobe from frumpy and boring to classy and elegant. Go for colourful jackets in unique fabrics. You can throw it on your black dress or even wear it with a shirt and pants/skirt.


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#4.  The LBD (little black dress)

Every girl needs an LBD. But LBDs don’t just work for events where we want to look fabulous. They can also double up as office wear. Pair your LBD with a jacket in a bold colour with some accessories. You’re good to go!

Sleeveless dress paired with a white shirt

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#5.  A pencil skirt

This works on just about everybody. Every body shape looks great in one of these. Go for neutral colours like black, brown, navy blue and tan. You can rock neutral colours with either colourful blouses or neutral pastels as well.

Floral Skirts

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#6. Black pants

You can’t go wrong with black pants. Either pair it with a blazer for the boss lady look or just a shirt for the casual smart look.

white shirt fashion

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#7.  A pair of heels

You can’t be a boss chick without a great pair of heels. Shoes in black, tan or brown are one of the best ways to get your wardrobe rocking and on point. For more tips on how to rock those heels better, go here.


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#8. Nothing else defines a ‘boss chic’ than this…

White tee with blazer and ankara pants

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