Top 7 Money Making School Campus Business in Nigeria

7 businesses you can start on campus: A guide for student Entrepreneurs.

Starting a business while studying takes courage and determination, and only few with entrepreneurial spirit dare this. Some people are natural entrepreneurs, even students. Numerous successful business powerhouses such as Dell Computers, Microsoft, FedEx, Facebook and Apple got started in college/University. You don’t need to be a geek/guru; all you need is basic accounting, advertising, market research and business skills and specific salable skill.

Here are few businesses you can start on campus with relatively low capital, and then build on them as income comes in.

1. Organise Tutorials

There is always one student that seems to be ahead academically than everyone else in class, and such student easily gain recognition for this. If you’re that person, tutoring is great way for you to make more money and also increase and solidify your knowledge. The revenue earned from this effort can become the capital for starting another business. All you have to do to get noticed is to tell a friend to tell a friend and make sure your fee is student friendly.

2. Computer help

Desktop and Laptop computers are now necessity for all students rather than a luxury. Most of the student owning these laptops and other similar gadgets lack the basic knowledge on how to maintain and setup some softwares, Anti-virus update, repairs etc. With thousands of clients on campus, this is a ready-made market for any student who is into it. When I was in school, I made a lot of extra cash from this. You don’t need any advert; students will keep on referring themselves.

3. Cleaning and laundry

Let’s face it, some students are just too lazy or don’t like doing laundry or cleaning their dorm rooms/apartments. Though lots students might not want to engage in this, but few that did are better for it. When I was in my first year, there was boy you cleaned our dorm and wash for some students. In my third year he became an undergraduate and sponsored himself with this business. I don’t have an idea of how much he makes then, all I know is that he finished from a private school. If you don’t mind, you could earn a bit of extra money offering cleaning and laundry services for classmates.

4. Photocopying and Printing

Most lecturers now prefer typed assignment to hand written ones, which makes it compulsory for students to type, print and also make photocopies of materials. That aside, in every session a set of student will be writing their final year projects, and a lot of type-setting, printing and photocopying is inevitable. I bought a printer in my final year with the primary purpose of printing my project and I also printed for other colleagues. With this, I recovered the money for the printer and also made profit. This business is easy to set up, all you need is a 3 in 1 printer and you are good to go!

5. Selling food stuff and recharge cards

Students will always want to keep their mouth moving even when they are not hungry. Selling things like noodles, sardines, spaghetti, biscuit etc. can be a lucrative venture for student who resides in school hostels where they can’t get these things always. Recharge card is also a necessity because we all want to reach out to someone especially for the students dating on campus. With little capital and good marketing skills, you are surely going to make a lot of money.

6. Painting

You may surprise at the inclusion of this point as part of business you can engage in while on campus. But I tell you this, a student painted my room when I was off campus in school before moving into the school hostel. To do this business, all you need is the basic skill in painting and the tools involved. (The brush or roller). Though this job is quiet strenuous but after a while you will get used to it and also make money along the line.

7. Photography

Most of the professional photographers around today in Nigeria has noted that they started learning photography while they were in school. Photography is now popular in most institutions as students try to make extra cash for themselves. People generally thing photography is a hard thing, but its easier than you can imagine. The hard part is editing and retouching the images and this can be learnt with time and dedication.

There you have it! You can easily make enough money to pay for your tuition fees and still have some extra cash to play with if you take any of the businesses mentioned serious.  many students have graduated and became self employed by continuing the small business they started while studying. Starting a business small business while studying can help a long way in reducing dependency on parents and also help reduce youth unemployment in Nigeria



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