9 Little Things You Can Do That Will Melt Your Man’s Heart


Sometimes, especially when we get comfortable in our relationships, we forget to do sweet things for our partner like we really tried to do in the beginning. We know that we “have” them, that the feelings are there and they care about us, so the effort we spent in trying to make them feel appreciated sometimes falls by the wayside.

However, there are nine easy ways to bring a little romance back into your relationship after the fireworks have dwindled just a bit. These are small, but incredibly meaningful, things you can do any day of the week for the one you love.

1. Send a sweet little text.

It doesn’t cost a penny and can really make someone feel loved and appreciated. Send a sweet text while he’s driving to work that says, “Have a great day” or maybe just send one in the middle of the day that says, “Thinking of you.” Little texts like that lets him know that he’s on your mind, which will make any guy feel special. If you’re feeling a little frisky, maybe send a little midday sext and let him think of you until he sees you next.

2. Write him a letter.

Ah, the lost art of the love letter. In an age when we just text most of the time (and barely call), writing a letter puts the romance back into communicating with words. A letter shows that you took the time to actually hand write your thoughts and feelings, and also allows you to be thorough about how you feel or why you love your partner. A letter gives you enough space to tell them how you really feel, and they can actually hold it and keep it to read again later. It really shows a lot of effort and will make them feel special. This is a great option to add some romance in long distance relationships.

3. Bake him something sweet.

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and it’s very true. Taking the time to make something sweet that he would love to eat will make him feel very special because he’ll know that it was something you put time and effort in, and didn’t just buy it from the store. If you know his favorite dessert, look up an easy recipe on how to make it. If you’re in the dark about what sweets he might like, you can try this easy homemade brownie recipe for the gooey-est, chocolatey-est brownies around, or these easy and delicious Caramel Apple Pie Bombs.

4. Surprise him with his favorite dish.

Going with the same theme here, instead of baking him something sweet, maybe plan a dinner for the two of you to have at home. If you are living together, prepare dinner while he is out at work or on his commute back home. If you two live separately, invite him over and have the table waiting with a candle, some wine, and the prepared meal. The thought of you taking the time to prepare everything will make him feel loved and special. Two easy recipes to try are this Baked Ravioli dish or these Shrimp Fajitas.

5. Listen to details when he talks.

It doesn’t cost you anything, but it will mean a lot to your man. If he says he’s feeling worried about a doctor’s appointment, offer to go with him, and if you can’t, make sure to follow up afterwards and ask how everything went. If he mentions that he really loves a neighborhood pizza place, maybe surprise him with some pizza one night while y’all Netflix and chill, or take him on the weekend. He’ll know you were listening to him, and remembered, which will make him feel special.

6. Make him a mixtape.

If he has an older car that doesn’t have an aux cable for a smartphone to play music, this is a great little gift for him. If you know an artist or band he likes, look up similar bands, and then compile some of the best songs you find and burn a CD of them. He’ll appreciate the fact you took the time to look up songs you thought he would like, and everytime he goes for a drive and listens to the CD, he’ll think of you.

7. Make him a little care package.

If you know your man is down or going through something tough, a great way to make him feel better is making him a little “care package” of things he likes or needs. If he’s sick, maybe fill a small box or bag with vitamin C, orange juice and soup, and some cough drops. If he is upset, maybe put some of his favorite snacks in a bag and rent a movie, then surprise him at his apartment with his care package, movie, and a cuddle sesh.

8. Surprise him with something a little sexy.

If you’re in the mood, surprise him with a little sexy surprise. Maybe wear something a bit sheer and show off some lingerie that you just bought. Maybe just wear the lingerie. Lacey lingerie on the woman a man loves is sure to make him feel very special. He’ll know you want to look good for him, which will melt his heart and set *other places* on fire.

9. Tell him you love him.

The most basic, easiest, and loving thing you can do. Make sure to tell your man that you love him every once in awhile, because after a while we might begin to feel like they just know, but every man loves to hear that he is loved. Let him know, it’ll make him smile.
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