9 Signs You Are Already With Your Soulmate

Sometimes when we’re in a relationship, no matter how well things are going, we panic and ask ourselves, “Is he/she the one?”
You might get along with your partner, have great chemistry, and have similar goals, but maybe you still find yourself questioning if they’re the right one to be with.
If you spot any of these signs, sit back and relax—chances are you’re already with your soulmate.

1. You just know.

You can call it “love at first sight,” but you might have this unexplainable feeling that you two belong together and that you just know this person so incredibly well. You can’t explain why you love them so much or why you two get along so well, you just do. This feeling in your tummy doesn’t make you crazy, it just means you know you are exactly where you should be, with the right person.

2. He/she is your best friend.

Friendship is a great foundation for a relationship, but when you two are always there and have a connection where they feel like they are your absolute best friend and that you could tell them anything, it’s very special. It’s like, soulmate special.

3. You can be yourself.

One of the most important aspect of a loving and healthy relationship is feeling like you can be your true self around your partner. If you think you can be exactly who you are, quirks, flaws, and all, then you’re already with your soulmate.

4. The sex is the best.

When two people are connected on a “soulmate” level, they have a very deep connection that allows for the sex to be really great. Why? There is a level of love, honesty, and vulnerability that only soulmates can share, and it comes through when they are physically and emotionally intimate during sex.
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5. Silence doesn’t make you uncomfortable.

When soulmates are together but not necessarily talking, it doesn’t make them uncomfortable. Whether it’s driving together in silence in the car, or studying in the same room, the silence is peaceful, comforting, and doesn’t disturb you.

6. His/her pain is your pain.

Soulmates understand each other to the extent that when one is upset, the other feels it. Soulmates have an incredible sense of empathy for each other, so seeing your partner upset in turn upsets you, and the same thing when they are angry and frustrated. Even when they are happy, you can’t help but smile.

7. You’re not afraid to talk to them.

If you two can talk about anything, even difficult topics, without fear and with a ton of honesty and openness, chances are you’re soulmates. There are several topics that can be difficult emotionally to discuss, but if you are unafraid to talk about them with your partner, and feel that they would listen and understand, this is a sign that you’re with the right person.

8. You never treat each other poorly.

Two people can fight, sure, and two people can disagree. However, soulmates would never do anything to intentionally hurt their other half, like scream at them, curse at them, make them cry, or say something that they know would strike a nerve and hurt them.

9. You complete each other.

As cheesy as it sounds, when you find your other half, it feels like a missing puzzle piece. Whatever characteristic you feel you don’t have, your partner does. Maybe you don’t have patience, but your partner helps you learn. You finish each other’s sentences. Maybe you’re shy and she gets you to open up more. Soulmates challenge and help each other grow to become the best they can be.
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