A forest fire in Turkey has been declared a conspiracy

We have received indications that there may be a conspiracy behind the fires, for which an investigation has been launched. Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan talks to media

Istanbul The terrible forest fire in Turkey was declared a conspiracy. According to details, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan visited the affected areas, talking to the media on the occasion, he said that we have received indications that there may be a conspiracy behind the fire incidents for which an investigation has been launched.

The number of firefighters has been augmented and the number of firefighting helicopters has been increased from six to 13, including Russian, Ukrainian and Iranian aircraft.
According to media reports, four people lost their lives and 180 were injured in a forest fire in Turkey. According to Turkish officials, about 60 places in 17 provinces bordering the Aegean and Rome However, a fire broke out which has caused massive destruction.

Firefighters are engaged in rescue activities to put out the fire and so far the fire has been brought under control at 36 places but efforts are underway to extinguish the fire at 17 more places.

The Turkish administration has expressed concern that the fire was set deliberately, which is under investigation, while President Erdogan has also ordered action against those responsible. In this regard, former captain of Pakistan cricket team Shahid Afridi has expressed his sorrow over the loss of life and property due to forest fire in Turkey.

Shahid Afridi expressed his deep sorrow over the incident of fire in Turkey in his tweet. “It is heartbreaking to see that the fire destroyed many parts of Turkey, causing loss of life to the local people and animals,” he wrote, praying for the Turkish people. Prayers are with firefighters, rescue workers and civilians fighting the blaze.

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