A great blessing disease

Disease is also a huge blessing profits on man hurts kubzahras comes very brazkyrh hands One mgrhqyqtaraht more rewards the appearance of disease kuadmy disease treatment brazbrdst One spiritual diseases considers the true disease diseases ruhanyh though smarhyn that although many kumrz deadly smjhnacahyy same thing to fear is too thick juhrsks knows that no matter ktnahy always suffer neglect humgrjb disease vow qdrkdakuyadkrtaaurtubh welcome astgfakrtahy this method similar problem that the large Shan State like relief.
The reported aamralram that the Messenger diseases kazkrfrmayaaurfrmayakh believing when bymarhuphrachahujayy becomes purged from his disease sins owner reminder to the next is an example of the hypocrite when bymarhuaurphrachahuas camel has bandaphrkhul it than not opened it to find out why bandanh is that a person said: “O Messenger of Allah! kyacyzhy disease? tukbhy bymarnh in the air”. “No, we rise from the jakh frmayahmary.” (Abu Dawood) Uthman interpretation. “The man was not hurt, offended by the kudusal kakdaas they understand”.
Abu Huraira reported that the Prophet PBUH uabusayd ‘Jibreel “sorry Muslims had nothing kujutklyf uhzn uazyt even kantajuas kulgtahy al mtadytahy his sins because of them.” (Sahih Bukhari, Muslim)
Narrated Abu Huraira that the Messenger of Allah frmayakh Muslim Muslims to six .arz kyagyayarsul Allah, who are the words which he should, he will tuslam “, when he tuqbul thy feast, when they advise you to advise whether he and, when he sneezes, he replied that yrhmk kralhmdllh to say that, when he’s bymarprsy bymarhujayy, when he dies, then go with the funeral. (Muslim, Birr)
The braءbn goat tradition that God accepts us mhbubﷺny bymarky mood Percy, go to funerals, “yrhmk for the sneezing and” I, swear an oath to fulfill the invitation of the amdadkrny, to the oppressed Peace ordered to spread. (Bukhari, Muslim) narrated from Abu Hurayrah narrated that the Messenger ﷺfrmaya “indeed, the day of Resurrection Allah will arsadfrmayy:” Son of man, In bymarhuatuny will “Banda said my bymarprsy” My Lord, how is your krtatuturb bymarprsy Worlds “(ie kdakysy bymarhusktahy it to be visited) arsadhuga” kyatjhy not know the myraflanbndh bymarhuaauras You bymarprsy not kyatunhyn If the bymarprsy jantakh kujatatumjhy he pata.ay Son of man, I did not khanatlb kyatuny you “man will say,” O how I prurdgarmyntjhy khanadytatuturb Worlds. “” I do not know such a person arsadhugakyatjhy you have khamangaaurtuny dyakyatjhy agrtuny dyahutatuasku not know that (the reward) will say to me pata.ay Son of man did not ask for water you kyatuny “Banda” O my servant told you so prurdgarmyntjhy worlds to water dytatuturb arsadhugamyry water mangatuny playaagr playahutatumyry not find it here. “(Muslim)

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