A proud lesbian slays it like a pro by giving incredible answers to Homophobic questions

Talking about the acceptance policy among people in the society, the thinking is changing and thankfully people try to understand other’s point of view as well. Talking about being a Lesbian or Gay, the society is accepting the ogle mostly. People tend to mistake Lesbian as an object of fantasy but people really need to get the right check on it. Love Matters – a non-for-profit organization is allowing people to get keen knowledge about sex, gender, equality and much more.

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Aditi Pride, homosexual women stands out brilliant in her ways when she was asked some questions. Her attitude towards answering the questions coming forward is what makes us proud of her existence. Aditi along with her lesbian friend is heading a campaign titled,” #LforLove” and she gave such brilliant answers that you must definably read them all.  Taking to her Twitter profile Aditi has posted pictures along with her partner which is just marvelous. Have a look at few of them.

QWhich is your favorite position?

A: Aditi answers this question by posting yoga picture of they both and she mentioned, this one is quite soothing.

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Q: Are your parents okay with these things?

A: No. Dad is more the whisky kind.

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Q: How do you play with her in bed?

A: Aditi posts a picture of the two playing UNO cards on bed and she replied saying, like this.

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Q. What’s the hottest thing you have tried together?

A: The answer was not many things top this. The picture of the two enjoying Vada pav with green chilli was posted with the answer.

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Q: Do you swing both ways?

A: Swinging in a garden and having a play time, this picture is uploaded with a reply, only when there are no kids around.

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Q: Do you use fingers?

A: By posting a picture of the two wearing rings on the ring finger, Aditi replied saying “Of course! How else will the world know our relationship status?”

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Q: Have you given guys a shot?

A: Hell yeah! Every Saturday night. This was the answer to the anonym question and she posted a picture of the two talking with a guy.

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Q: How do you cum?

A:  Sitting in a car and holding both hands, she replied saying we usually like driving.

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Q: You have just not met the right man yet?

A: Met him the day I was born, was the reply along with a picture uploaded along with father indicating him to be the best man ever.

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Q: Do you like smelling each other? And touching hair?

A: Only when she shampoos her hair.

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Q: It’s just a phase?

A: I guess you are right. Aviators are our all-time favorites. Picture of the two wearing stylish and funky goggles was uploaded with a reply.

Hats of to these girls and more power to such people!

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