Abiola Oni Wins The BAME Short Story Competition in UK


The Guardian and 4th Estate BAME short story prize was open to Black, Asian and minority writers living in the UK. The winner of the Short story prize was announced on the 20th of June after a series of short listing and review.

“75” by Abiola Oni was announced as winner of the BAME Short Story prize and was awarded with £1,000 for warm and clinical vision of dystopia.

Abiola Oni, a market researcher presently lives in Stoke Newington, London. She was born in London, but grew up in Ibadan, Nigeria.

Abiola’s genre of writing was described as confident writing.

The judges of the competition said that the one thing they were looking for was new, fresh and exciting voices. And they found it in abundance. As the competition proved to them that there were very talented writers of color out there. And for whatever reason, they’re not finding representation, getting publishing deals or winning prizes. This was why they created an opportunity like this.

The ecstatic 33 year old winner took to twitter to express her delight and gratitude.

Congratulations to Abiola, and to the other fantastic writers that didn’t make the cut we wish you all the best and expect to see greater things in the years to come.

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