According to science you can prevent your breasts sag of these 7 ways

Are you worried about how your breasts will be in 10 or 15 years? Age is accompanied by changes and one of them is the effect of gravity on the body.
And yes … it’s time to accept it : sooner or later your breasts will face the natural phenomenon of gravity. As a result, your skin loses some elasticity (even if you plan to have children) and this will cause begin to “fall”.

While this is a completely natural and inevitable phenomenon, there are certain habits that you can change today for the sake of your health and that gravity does not affect you much in 20 years. Look…

#Stop smoking … right now


Do you still smoke? It is time to abandon this harmful habit once and for all. In addition to all the harmful effects it has for your body, some studies showed that smoking reduces the levels of collagen in the skin . And to have less collagen, the skin sags more easily.

Stop tan (unprotected)

UV exposure is not too healthy and if you do without protection can be fatal. Not only increase the risk of skin cancer , but also make your skin becomes increasingly thin and therefore more vulnerable to succumbing to gravity.

#Use a good bra

Even the best support in the world will make your breasts remain equally turgid.Anyway, if you choose one that is a true support, you can reduce risk and make them more secure.


I recognize that this is one of the hardest habits to incorporate me and I need toconstantly remember that I must be right. Although keep in a straight posture can not prevent your breasts sag, it can improve your appearance.
Also, when you keep straight your whole body looks better.

#Say goodbye to yo-yo dieting

Nothing less favorable for your body and skin up and lose weight in very short periods. It is not only harmful to your body, but will be destructive to the elasticity of your skin.

#Team up with aloe

It is proven that this fabulous natural ingredient contains substances that improveskin elasticity . Therefore, start applying aloe on your body, especially in the most vulnerable areas.

#Drink water

Yes, I agree that all health advice you’ll see: you should drink water. Never underestimate the power to keep you hydrated , especially if you want toimprove the health and dermatologic elasticity.
Take these steps! You agree that each stage of life is beautiful and not let this kind of natural behaviors of the body you lower self – esteem or embarrass you. On the contrary, percíbelos as a sign of strength .
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